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About Me

Rocsi is a woman of many titles. She is constantly seeking new ventures in order to become a living legacy as a fitness mogul. She has proven with her physical ability to be worthy of being a regular name in the health and fitness world. Not only is Rocsi an athlete, she is an esteemed personal trainer, health and fitness expert, fitness model, role model, and lifestyle coach. She has taken health and fitness into her heart and lives and breathes through her works.

Rocsi embraced the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle at an early age, and over the years has cultivated her skill to add to her greatest passion - helping others.

It wasn't long before she sought out to become leader in her community, taking on the task of encouraging young girls to become more healthy and active. Taking a special interest in the empowerment of women, Rocsi began branding her movement under the motto “Empowerment through Truth and Transparency” in which she applies a real world point of view (and in some cases tough love) approach to educate others about the benefits of being health conscious - as well as proper form and technique while pursing fitness goals.

Rocsi is definitely doing her part to fight back against America’s growing silent epidemic - obesity. Throughout this process, Rocsi’s ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate men, women, and children of all cultures to pursue and develop their inner greatness!

Rocsi’s future endeavors include: growing and expanding her brand to reach the urban and suburban communities with her message of healthy living under real life circumstances. She also has her sights set on larger scale projects from becoming a published author, an endorsed athlete and competitor, to launching a fitness clothing line and equipment.

Regardless of what the future holds, Rocsi is and will always be committed to changing lives through her knowledge, love and passion for fitness.